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Re: Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

  •  07-09-2015, 22:37

    Re: Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

    @Brian Fluet


    There's no physical damages because all my other (jurassic) programs have no problems so far and the computer  working fine. Following the suggestion of idw, I think the best course of action is to backup some important files (filters, identities, etc.), perform a clean install and copy them back in. Thanks to Hans and his listing, I isolated the files for my filters, but I still have to do the same for all the identity settings. In the Pmail.ini file, there are some sections dealing with the identities, but there is a particular point with which I am struggling : the passwords. Apparently, there are seeds used, but this implies some other which are yet to be identified.

    It would still be a better solution to fix my problem though, so maybe making a clean install in another folder and copying the winpm-32.exe could be the solution ? What do you think ?

    edit 01 : I checked the event viewer as you suggested and here is what's written there : "Application popup : winpm-32.exe - Application error". Does that make some sense to someone ?

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