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Re: Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

  •  07-20-2015, 11:24

    Re: Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

    Hi all !

    @Brian Fluet

    For the passwords, I checked and there are .PND files. The problem or the thing I do not understand is that when you read this .PND file, the password is somewhat "encrypted" which is fine and there is a "seed" used, but where is the decoding key ? Indeed, if I do a clean install and copy my old files, I need to put back there the file containing this decoding key. I do not know if I am clear enough, but I hope I am.

    Also, I will try with the pmail.ini file and let you know guys what happened. I tried the FOLSTATE.PM and STATE.PMJ methods, but it didn't work.



    To the best of my knowledge, there is not a system restore option on windows 2K.



    As usual, when I launch pegasus, it is okay, but the second I click "outside of the program", it crashes. If I close it, then it crashes after closing. I noticed however that there was an error message at launch. Here it is : "Spamhalter Error : Could not retrieve data "SELECT count(*) FROM words;" : SQL logic error or missing database.". I thought maybe this way the source of the weird crashing. I have to say though that I do not understand what this message means. What do you think and how can this error be fixed ?

    Thanks for your answers. Cheers !

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