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Re: Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

  •  07-27-2015, 12:16

    Re: Pegasus mail crashes after being closed - version 4.41

    Hi all !

    I solved my problem, but I do not understand why what I did worked ! I simply renamed the file "words4.db3" into "words4.db3.bak01". Then I launched Pegasus and it all worked fine. The file has been recreated. I suppose I have lost all the training of my spamhalter filter. The new file is only 40 Ko whereas the ancient one was 70 Mo.

    Does someone understand what the problem was and why the solution was in removing or renaming "words4.db3" ? Also, the error message that I mentioned in an earlier post of this thread is not mentioned anymore in the system messages window. Is there a way for me to "save" my training spamhalter file (it's almost 6 years of training) ?

    Thanks in advance !

    Cheers ! 

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