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PMail folders on XP - how to move to Win 7 PC

  •  10-14-2015, 1:46

    PMail folders on XP - how to move to Win 7 PC



    This is my first post here, so please accept my ignorance.

    I have a desktop PC with a HDD with Win XP SP3 installed.   On the SAME PC is a NEW HDD with Win 7 SP1.

    BOTH PCs are running Pegasys v4.7.

    I would like to "easily" copy/move my Pegasys email folders, tree, contact addresses, etc., from the OLD Win XP install to the NEW Win 7 install.

    Thinking it was "easy", is it not possible to "just"

    1) boot up the XP HDD

    2) locate the PMAIL folder

    3) COPY the files in that PMAIL folder to a USB / thumb drive

    4) shutdown the XP HDD

    5) boot up the Win 7 HDD

    6) locate the PMAIL folder

    7) COPY the files from USB / thumb drive PMAIL folder to the PMAIL folder on the WIN 7 HDD?

    Or.... am I over simplifying this process?


    PS... if COPY is possible, does this mean it will also install over my current login / POP3 / SMTP settings with the ones from the XP version?




    -Scott M
    Orgsites Support
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