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Re: PMail folders on XP - how to move to Win 7 PC

  •  10-15-2015, 4:03

    Re: PMail folders on XP - how to move to Win 7 PC



    Things are not as "easy" as just looking at an About | Help | Info to confirm a location.

    I already knew the location(s) of the files:


    New Win 7 = C:\PMAIL\MAIL\ADMIN

    Just "copying" the files in the MAIL folder from the OLD XP system into the NEW WIN 7 location resulted in a message stating Pegasus mail wanted to SET UP the whole software again, its connections, userID's, userPW's, etc.


    How did I get around this?!

    COPIED the files located in the OLD XP C:\PMAIL\MAIL\ADMIN folder **NOT** the  "IMC-3E8" or "IMC-3E9" or "RmtFiles" folder(s).   JUST the REMAINING files in the folder.


    Now, not to make anyone mad, but when a person requests help - please put some "effort" into the help response.

    Here is what I found within the FAQs section of the Pegasus Mail Web Page:

    Problem:  I have recently purchased a new computer, and I want to copy my existing Pegasus Mail files to it from my old machine. How do I go about this?

     So there are TWO ways to do this.


    Hope others find this helpful if / when moving from XP to Win7+ and/or having the file(s) but had to build an all new hard drive....


    -Scott M
    Orgsites Support
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