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How to restore tray structure?

  •  03-01-2016, 5:06

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    How to restore tray structure?

    I installed a new PM v4.63 to Windows 7 following a complete complete failure of my previous computer that destroyed my mailbox directory. I am rebuilding the mailbox from a v4.41 that is on Win98. I copied the first three groups of files named on the following page:

    I only copied files named on the first 3 groups of that list. I merged the \newmail\ directory into PMAIL\MAIL\Stan\.

    The result:
    1) The new mail went into the newmail tray correctly,
    2) A "copies to self" folder exists
    3) I don't seem to have a "main folder"
    The higher level trays are not there. Instead of having about 15 top level trays I have about 150 folders containing emails.

    I assume that there are other files that I must copy to the new install. What would they be?

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