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Re: Pegasus stops working when I try to forward an email.

  •  05-26-2016, 22:25

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    Re: Pegasus stops working when I try to forward an email.


    I have a similar problem on forwarding. I have a blog e-mail that comes in HTML format. I have tried to forward it from the text view and the html view. Both crash Pegasus. This happens on 4.70, 4.71, and 4.72. I have found I can do a redirection (the second forward option) and it will go. So apparently these is an issue with the HTML rendering. There is not an option to send only the text version that I could find. Other e-mails that come in HTML format get all messed up in format when I try to forward them, but at least they do not crash the program. I have work-arounds, but wondered if all of you are interested in this potential problem and would want me to forward the e-mails (redirect them) for you to look at?


    Bill Davis
    Prof Emeritus - VA Tech
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