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Re: Force load MultiPOP extension

  •  02-12-2017, 7:29

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    Storm [st] Re: Force load MultiPOP extension

    In the Programs subdirectory under your PMail (or whatever it is on your system) directory, open mltpop32.hlp, click on "Having MultiPOP run automatically at startup", then cf. lines 3 & 4. 

    PMail will save the MultiPOP screen position when you exit the program, and the message count numbers as well. 

    That's all I use it for, message counts to see if anything has come in on multiple POP3 definitions when I'm in no particular rush to see what's actually there.  I don't have it set up to do anything but count, like the Count from Sesame Street.  Understood that it's an ancient program, so Brian's squib from the manual is apt.  But in the meantime it actually works better than it used to, since it used to be that when PMail crashed the message counts reverted to their state at last normal PMail exit.  So when I used to have regular lockups and crashes under W2K & XP, especially on HTML incoming mail, I adopted the habit of closing MultiPOP every so often so as to save the count numbers.  But under more recent PMail versions that issue seems to have faded away. 

    It has its quirks, such as that when it's first opened, the down keyboard cursor arrow won't take the highlighted connection below the bottom of the window.  Check any of the visible connection, though, and that quirk disappears.  Or use the slider bar with the mouse. 

     - CKM 


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