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Re: Moving emails gets extremely slow

  •  02-16-2017, 6:27

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    Umbrella [um] Re: Moving emails gets extremely slow

    Most interesting and worthwhile reference, Greenman.  The quality of thorough and thoughtful comment I would have expected from the guys at Winternals in the old days, or from Steve Gibson, perhaps. 

    I was a long time user of Executive Software products, before they became Diskeeper Corporation, then eventually Condusiv Technologies.  

    Although I do realize that they're the fashion trend, I myself am not a fan of SSDs, for multiple reasons.  For the last two newish ThinkPads I sourced, first order of business was to pull the SSD, stick it in a drawer, and replace it with a platter / spindle drive.  

    Not as fast, granted, but then to quote Joel Cairo / Peter Lorre in The Maltese Falcon, " . . there is no hurry . . . ".  

    At least not on the desktop.  

    - CM-K

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