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Re: Moving emails gets extremely slow

  •  02-17-2017, 16:33

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    Storm [st] Re: Moving emails gets extremely slow

    Although I'm not a gamer, I do realize that your situation is quite different from mine.  

    On the matter of the finite number of rewrites sustainable by an SSD, there's been a certain amount of pooh-poohing out there about how out on the street one never will see that limit reached.  

    I don't find that credible.  

    Still, parking the OS on an SSD, with everything else on one flavor of spindle / platter SATA or another, seems to work for quite a few users.  One of my disaffections with SSD derives from my preference to sub-partition a humongous C drive into one extended partition with two logical drives -- usually but not necessarily D & E -- while keeping some unallocated free space down the aisle at the end.  

    Try this with an SSD and watch the grass grow.  Understood why this is the case, but there it is.  

    One complication encountered on the road to retro configuration to a spindle drive, however, is that in a notebook / laptop -- I'm mostly a ThinkPad guy, here -- the non-existent SSD mounting system in the drive bay has to be reconfigured to a drive frame rail system if the platter drive is not to rattle around when the machine is moved.  Some of the system builders newer to the business don't seem to comprehend this, or else they want to stuff a piece of a 1970s necktie in there to shim it up.  "Heat transmission, say what - ?"   

    So now I just do it myself.  

    I always used to prefer SCSI -- again, in one flavor or another, including external drives -- for the desktop, instead of IDE/ATA and its progeny.  But it's become impractical now at its current price point.  

    I may give the Condusiv product a whirl, even on a spindle drive, just as a junk scientific experiment.  

    Thanks, Greenman, for your thoughtful response.  

    - Muñoz-Keatts


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