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Unviewable HTML content in incoming message(s).

  •  02-21-2017, 22:10

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    Umbrella [um] Unviewable HTML content in incoming message(s).

    I'm in receipt of once daily "Latest Headlines" plain / HTML alternative format email from a reputable (I guess, it's mildly sensationalist) regional circulation newspaper. 

    Everything has been fine until quite abruptly on 15 February, the HTML view started showing the message

    "No formatted contents: Please try the following link to display plain text, if any." 

     . . . under IERenderer, and a blank page under BearHTML.  No changes there.  Opening in a browser window also returns a blank page.  Entirely blank page, not just empty graphics boxes.

    The text view looks more or less the same as before, a number of lazy HTML links.  Although I'd suppose that this is something munged up on the sender's end, I've never seen this before. 

    Any thoughts - ? 

    - CKM

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