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Re: Unviewable HTML content in incoming message(s).

  •  02-24-2017, 7:37

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    Storm [st] Re: Unviewable HTML content in incoming message(s).

    I'm a little confused here, Martin: the newsletter of the 14th was the last one which was readable before they became unreadable as of the 15th. 

    Today, the 23rd, the regular early morning headlines one was munged, then a Breaking News one came in later with by-election results in west Cumbria which was fine.   I've bounce forwarded it to you. 

    I was going to hang on for a few days to see if anything had changed, since I find it odd that those originator guys wouldn't have received sufficient complaint by now to have addressed the issue.  Or on the other hand, sometimes it isn't so odd, no one bothers. 

    Or else their readership is populated by Brian's "blind link clickers" and "mindless attachment openers", who just keep whooshing on through as if there's no tomorrow.  But thanks again for your efforts. By Monday I'll call or email it in. I may ask you for that empty html stream you mentioned in an earlier post. 

    - Chris(topher)

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