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Suppresssing unwanted attachment infomation

  •  05-18-2017, 12:51

    • JohnnyK is not online. Last active: 10 Jun 2018, 10:32 JohnnyK
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    Suppresssing unwanted attachment infomation


    When sending mail my recipients were complaining that there were unnecessary attachments arriving with my emails, oftern *.dat files. I then realised that these are probably something to do with images from my signature which has a couple of logos in it. I have now ticked the "Don't add "attachment information" to Multipart messages" on the Sending Mail tab, and hope that this will help to suppress all attachment info surplus to requirements on outgoing mail.

     The reason I'd lived with this for so long is that on my incoming emails I've also, from time to time, received long streams of redundant info about icons and logos etc attached to incoming mails and thought that this was normal. Then an Outlook user told me you never see this bumph in Outlook. 

    So now I'm trying to find the button in Pegasus Mail that suppresses unnecessary attachment info on incoming mails. 

     Any help on keeping the attachemt info clean and to the point on both outgoing and incoming mails would be much appreciated.



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