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Re: Missing mail folders

  •  11-05-2017, 15:57

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    Re: Missing mail folders

    I have made some progress with this issue,

     Using  mbxmaint (GUI version) on the account in question, I found 9 files associated with the user account in question (See below).  Of these, 6 checked out OK.

     Of the other three, one was indicated as having messages with non-unique IDs.  I corrected this using mbxmaint's Fix IDs function.  The size of the file was 567MB

    The other two caused the following message to appear in mbxmaint:

    !! Found internal consistency error:
    #014 Location indicated in master file is out of bounds

    Both of these files were quite large; 480MB and 215MB. 

    The first line of some messages in these two files begin with ÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌÌ 


    Thank you





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