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Re: Missing mail folders

  •  11-12-2017, 20:14

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    Re: Missing mail folders

    There are sufficient things going wrong with my current Mercury installation, viz corrupted folders, messages disappearing of their own accord, the wrong message sometimes appearing when a message is selected, messages forwarded to GMail (through Global Filtering) having missing attachments, that I am contemplating reinstalling Mercury from scratch.  Before I do this, I would like to be clear about a few things:

    • Can I run a second instance of Mercury on the same computer?  I think I can, as long as Mercury has a different root directory or is installed on a different hard disk.
    • Does Mercury set up the standard initial folders itself or is this done by mail clients? I am asking tis because, when I set up a new user in the current Mercury installation, and then connect to it (IMAP4) with Thunderbird, only two folders show up in Thunderbird; Inbox and Trash .... no Sent, no Drafts, no Archives etc. Furthermore, although Inbox shows up, it is shown as Unsubscribed by Thunderbird.  This doesn't seem to prevent it receiving test messages.

    Thank you



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