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Re: How to DELETE an existing folder?

  •  01-09-2018, 18:38

    Re: How to DELETE an existing folder?


    How do we DELETE an existing folder? Huh? I am NOT talking about deleting the contents of a folder.

    IMHO: [Delete Folder] should be a right-click context option for each folder.

    You don't need right-click (even it's a good idea for PMAIL 5.0 :-)

    Mark the Folder You want to delete.
    Look at the top of the Folder Window 
    There are 5 Icons. The fourth from left represents "Delete"
    Click it and that's it.

    PMAIL Ninja 

    Morden: "It's like knocking over an ant-hill.
    Every new generation gets stronger,
    the ant-hill gets redesigned, made better"


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