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Re: Autoreplies rejected by some email servers

  •  03-14-2018, 14:57

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    Re: Autoreplies rejected by some email servers

    We are using Mercury's SYNONYM.MER database functionality to "translate" our official (internet) user e-mail addresses into the local user names and vice versa.

     * FJR too, but ...

    When activating the autoresponse function in Pmail, Mercury is using "" as sender's address for autoresponse mails.

    ... as shown in posting above in my case Mercury replaces "from" with synonym.

    Hmm ... maybe the difference is, that my Mercury runs with NDS-module for accessing eDirectory of Novell Netware and takes synonym directly from there instead of using synonym.mer?! Seems Mercury behaves different depending on infrastructure.

    Anyway - the problem of Anaglypta remains the same in all cases: Mercury includes a mail-from but doesn't inculde an envelope-from and more and more servers reject mails, if it is not filled.

    At the beginning I was annoyed about it, but in the meantime I believe this "feature" has also advantages.

    No - if the recipient of the autoreply can't identify who is autoreplying (because username and synonym may not be similar enough), he may wonder, why he is getting no answer. Sorry - not acceptable.

    bye    Olaf
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