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Re: Pegasus crashes on renaming central addressbook

  •  04-03-2018, 11:53

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    Re: Pegasus crashes on renaming central addressbook

    Hi Michael,

    would provide Minidump - if I could install your tool. But it tells me, Pegasus is running?! It isn't for shure - Taskmanager doesn't show anything with Pegasus and MAILBOX.LCK does not exist in mailbox- or new-mail-directory in my homedirectory on server.

    Name of addressbookfile ist 8.3 (ADDRZUNI.PMR) and even with path is much shorter than 63 characters (F:\PUBLIC\PEGASUS\VL\ADDRZUNI.PMR or in UNC is \\xxxx\xxx\PUBLIC\PEGASUS\VL\ADDRZUNI.PMR). In Pegasus the addressbook is named "Zentrales Adressbuch WiSo" which should be renamed to "Zentrales Adressbuch WiWi". I know that I can do it by editing the PMR and changing the two letters, but that seems not the normal way to me Smile

    bye    Olaf


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