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Re: Pegasus chokes on "bad" message and restart fails

  •  05-02-2018, 5:28

    • Jim Adney is not online. Last active: 06-09-2019, 20:38 Jim Adney
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    Re: Pegasus chokes on "bad" message and restart fails

    Brian Fluet:

    No need for a reinstall.  With Pegasus Mail closed, find the STATE.PMJ file in the home mailbox directory and rename it to something like STATE_PMJ.BAD.  Start Pegasus Mail.  The main Pegasus Mail window should now be visible.  All child window sizes and locations will be at default setting.

    I just tried it and it didn't make any difference, except for the fact that now when I hover over the Pegasus icon on the Task Bar the preview now shows Pegasus with no subwindows within its window.

    When I check the STATE.PMJ I see that a new one has been generated:



    DEFAULT=0,0,0,0,"33DE5943:My mailbox"




    New mail=5,5,500,38,"120,180,94,0,34,0"


    With Pegasus closed, I deleted that new file and restored the original one, When I bring Pegasus back up, the preview now shows Pegasus with most of the internal frames that I'm used to seeing.

    At this point I think the most useful thing I could learn would be whether Pegasus will tolderate a Pmail.ini transplant.

    Unless anyone has a better idea. Thanks.


    Jim Adney
    Madison, WI USA
    Pegasus user since 1995
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