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Re: Trouble with Mecury Server in combination with Outlook Clients

  •  05-04-2018, 8:14

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    Re: Trouble with Mecury Server in combination with Outlook Clients

    Hallo Susanne

    1. When sending mail to different mail accounts of myself through the internet, I do not instantaniously get back the mail to the mail address but it can take one day until the mail is delivered

    Sounds like your mails may be greylisted. Have a look at the logs if mails leave Mercury immediately - and enable logging for all used modules!

    2. When sending out mails sometimes they arrive at the recepients destination sometimes they are gone.

    Same - look at your logs. Which exakt modules did you activate in Mercury? MercuryP, MercuryC and MercuryS? How do you get mails from your Mailprovider - via MercuryS or MercurtyD?

    3. How would you suggest to configure the mail account settings in outlook in combination with Mercury ?

    First you should solve the above problems with that relative open system to ensure, that it works. After that I would enable SSL to secure connections.

    In SMTP of Mercury I have a valid username and password of the account at my ISP

    Sounds like MercuryC ... does your mailprovider want you to have pop before smtp? That may be the reason for problem 1.

    bye    Olaf


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