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PMail 4.73 released - update experience?

  •  06-16-2018, 19:55

    PMail 4.73 released - update experience?

    Hi All!  No loud cheering and hurray??

    When I just randomly looked over the PMail forum and the last threads, I did realize that there were no news about the update, which was announced 2 months ago. <grumble, grumble

    Before quitting the whole thing, I accidentally took a look at the PMail homepage....
    And there <HOLY GRAIL!> was the 4.73!
    And the devnews from DH from June 7th.

    I nearly would've  missed the update (for a while) because of the forum is quiet as death.

    So it's on me (but it should'nt me!) to open a thread about 4.73.
    1. what about the user experiences updating 4.72 to 4.73?
    2. Any first user impressions on the all new HELP-System?

    Stefan  aka  PMAIL NINJA

    Delenn: "If the universe puts a mystery in front of us as a gift, politeness requires that we at least try and solve it."
    [BABYLON 5, Atonement]

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