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Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: PMail 4.73 released - update experience?

  •  06-20-2018, 19:49

    Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: AW: PMail 4.73 released - update experience?

    What I did learn - but only AFTER updating to 4.73 - the old HELP is still in place.
    So I was distributing fake news in the Usenet mailreader group!

    Would've be kind to tell the lack of translations to the users of foreign language versions (what about the french Pmail?) BEFORE they do the update; e.g. DH devnews: "HELP translations are still in process"

    Grumbling around:
    It always depress me to see the very OLD "Latest News" when entering the community home page.
    Would really NOT time-consuming to put the new "News" out there.  
    Is Peter Stroemblad still the maintainer?
    Or who else is responsible?

    Stefan  aka  PMAIL NINJA

    Delenn: "If the universe puts a mystery in front of us as a gift, politeness requires that we at least try and solve it."
    [BABYLON 5, Atonement]


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