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AW: Re: Email Archiving

  •  08-17-2018, 8:48

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    AW: Re: Email Archiving

    I guess Spamhalter is taking affect and marking spam mails prior Mercury is checking the user accounts for any FORWARD files. Many of our users have active FORWARD files in place, but I believe spam is never be forwarded.

    We have also a separate local spam account in place where Mercury is moving all spam, recognized and marked by Spamhalter, to. This local account "spam" is collecting all spam including any false positives (very rarely). This  separate local spam account is being manually checked by designated users regularly for false positives (one or two times a day, or if anybody is missing an expected mail). In case they find such a false positive, it will be manually forwarded to the corresponsing user. But once marked as "spam", Mercury would immediately sort out this e-mail again and again, when bouncing it to the corresponsing user account. That's why we have an additional general filtering rule in place which is located in front of the "spam sorting out" rule of the filter sequence. This additional filter is searching for sender's address "". To trigger this filter rule, false positives must never be bounced but forwarded (with editing). Means the original sender's address will be exchanged with And if the filter finds the local spam account sender's address it causes to an exit processing of the rule set, means the "sorting out" filter takes no effect.

    Finally we archive only our user accounts but not the spam account. The spam account itself has an own filter in place where all mails are being deleted when they are older than 10 days.

    Mercury 4.81.187 @Windows Server 2016, with 16-100 user licence
    Pegasus 4.73.639, network installation
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