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AW: Re: Is it possible to keep images in copy-to-self mails?

  •  09-03-2018, 10:15

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    AW: Re: Is it possible to keep images in copy-to-self mails?

    ... When the message is in the new mail folder it is transformed into a single file (a .cnm). Open the Attachments tab, highlight the attachment and click the Delete button.

    That's right but you have to select and delete one attachment after the other. Multi selection unfortunately doesn't work. We are receiving mails with a lot of attachments day by day and have a company policy in place to delete attachments after saving them at a file server. But try to delete about 20 attachments ...this is a very annoying job. Sad

    Mercury 4.81.187 @Windows Server 2016, with 16-100 user licence
    Pegasus 4.73.639, network installation
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