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Re: Checking "Envelope-to:" field instead of "To:"; Duplicate messages;

  •  09-05-2018, 18:25

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    Re: Checking "Envelope-to:" field instead of "To:"; Duplicate messages;

    Here is some additional info from Mercury v4.51 manual "The MercuryD POP3 Client Module / Using MercuryD with Domain Mailboxes" from page 80:

    Local user: If you enter the name of a local user on your system (one to which Mercury can
    delivery directly) then all the mail downloaded from the remote account will be sent to that
    local user, irrespective of the address fields in the message. If you leave this field blank, MercuryD
    will examine the To, CC and BCC fields of each message looking for addresses it recognizes
    as local. When it finds a local address, it will send a copy of the message to that local

    Because of the nature of the POP3 protocol used by the MercuryD module to retrieve mail,
    there will be occasions when it cannot properly identify the local recipient of a mail message
    retrieved from a domain mailbox. This is because the envelope information, used to ferry the
    message around the Internet, is removed once the message is placed into the destination mailbox.
    Without the envelope information, MercuryD has to rely on the various From, CC, BCC
    and Received headers in the message to determine the intended recipient.

    So, I think this confirms to my theory / explanation and this should be fixed (new version, a deamon, an AddOn..).




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