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Re: Checking "Envelope-to:" field instead of "To:"; Duplicate messages;

  •  09-05-2018, 19:49

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    Re: Checking "Envelope-to:" field instead of "To:"; Duplicate messages;

    Paul, thans for a quick reply. Yes, these messages do have "Envelope-To:" fields, as explained above.

    In the meantime I explored more and few minutes ago I just found the same section you mentioned and I learned that I actually do use "Optional special header processing" and that corresponding field is filled with exactly "Envelope-to". (However, I am not sure if it should say "Envelope-To:" instead.)

    So, for sure it should be helpfull when "To", "CC:" and "BCC" fields are missing. But, if I would like to ignore existing "To", "CC:" and "BCC" I should tick also "Check only in thease (special) headers".

    (I knew I saw this settings few years ago but I wasn't able to find it until now! It is practically hidden in "POP3 Account Information -> Change".)

    But, if I tick "Check only in thease (special) headers" and if  "Envelope-To:" is missing in an email - what would happen? Probably delivered to the Default user... and in that case at least I would be able to fix the "misses" and count them. I don't know how many % of emails exchanged today don't have "Envelope-To:" field. I will try and see if it is worthwhile.

    Another method to fix this problem with duplicates is to add an empty MSGIDS.MER file in each of local mailboxes (folders). The Mercury/32 v4.73 Release Notes say:

    You can now create an empty file called MSGIDS.MER in any mailbox directory (i.e, a directory where a .CNM file gets created), and this signals to Mercury that it should suppress duplicate messages in that mailbox. Duplicate detection is based on a combination of sender and message-ID, and only the last 200 messages delivered to the mailbox are actually remembered.

    It is a bit unclear what does it mean "only the last 200 messages delivered to the mailbox are actually remembered"? I have thousands of messages in these folders - for which I would like to stay there (and not to be.. deleted). Probably it means that a new incomming message will be compared for duplicates only with last 200 messages in folder. Which would be good.

    I will try each method for some time and publish here what I got.

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