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AW: Re: Mercury is sorting mails into wrong user inbox

  •  10-18-2018, 16:25

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    AW: Re: Mercury is sorting mails into wrong user inbox

    I guess I've found the error and in most cases the person in front of the machine is the problem. Tongue Tied

    Mercury is starting at our Windows Server 2016 machine as a service. This is to ensure that the mail server is running also in case of a server restart in my absence. When I'm back in the office, I manually stop the service and start the GUI to see the Mercury console at the desktop (for checking purposes, I'm the visual type and must see what happens Big Smile). It seems that the service has either been restarted automatically or I forgot to quit the Mercury service before starting the GUI, so that finally 2 instances are working simultaneously and in rivalry.

    For the next release of Mercury I would wish a clear setup procedure where I could choose how the GUI is presented, for example that the service is installed and that the GUI could be started on demand but without starting an additional Mercury process.

    Mercury 4.81.187 @Windows Server 2016, with 16-100 user licence
    Pegasus 4.73.639, network installation
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