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Address Book - without write permissions in Pmail programs folder?

  •  11-12-2018, 8:55

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    Address Book - without write permissions in Pmail programs folder?

    Hi guys,

    One of my users just told me that making entries into the system address book brings Pmail to crash. I've checked different things but finally it has been turned out that my ordinary users do not have write permissions at the Pmail programs folder and that's why they cannot save the changed addrxxxx.pmr (system address book).

    It seems that my users are making changes to the system address book very rarely because this is the first claim since I have moved Pmail to our new server different months ago (with less user permissions). My users are starting their Pmail session from one and only server share and they should be not able to change anything on the Pmail installation. That's why I have reduced the access privileges to "read only". But now I have to extend these permissions to "read/change" that they are able to save the address book. But doing this would make them able to change also anything else within this central Pmail programs folder.

    Unfortunately I didn't find another opportunity to move the address book file to another path outside of the Pmail programs folder since Pmail is looking for it only its Programs folder.

    The other issue is that Pmail is crashing when it is not able to save the .PMR file. Such program behaviour should be prevented by the code.



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