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AW: Re: Control panel when running as a service

  •  11-16-2018, 19:44

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    AW: Re: Control panel when running as a service

    Hi Graham,

    Is your Mercury running at a Windows Server OS? When we've got our new Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition some months ago, I've tried also different things. Finally the best result have been achieved with the following procedure: Install Mercury "as a service". This guarantees that Mercury will be started automatically on each server reboot, also without an administrator login. It's important that our mail server is running at any time because it is operating emails for about 20 users. Insofar Mercury has to run also when I'm on vacation or ill or not present on other reasons.

    But how I can get the GUI? First time I've tried to manually quit the Mercury service followed by a manual restart of the Mercury service by using Windows Service Administration. This caused that the GUI appears and I thought all is fine now. I'm also a visual type and would like to see what happens with Mercury during day-by-day work. I minimized Mercury so that the icon remains within the sys tray where I could reactivate the GUI everytime. Works fine for some days. But after a few days the icon disappeared from the sys tray and I was not able to reopen the GUI alltough the service was still running properly, means I have to quit and restart the service again to get the GUI back - no smart solution.

    Finally I'm using another solution. After a server reboot and when I find time, I connect to the server by RDP (since the server is mainly maintained remotely), manually quit the service followed by a manual start of Mercury from the start menu. Then the GUI appears and keeps running all the time. The advantage is, that this started GUI is available from each RDP session, irrespective whether I connect directly from my office desktop or remotely from home.

    Ok, it's a little bit circuitous but automatically starting of the service guarantees that Mercury is starting automatically after an unintended server reboot. And when I would like to see how Mercury is working (GUI), I quit the service and start Mercury manually. This Mercury session with GUI is then running until the next planned or unplanned reboot where the game starts again with the service.

    At the moment I have to restart our server once a month after installing the latest MS updates. Insofar this is not such a big effort to quit the service and restart Mercury manually. But you could also keep it running as a service until you really need the GUI. You've got all opportunities.

    But I don't wanna keep something secret. Once a time I forgot to quit the service before starting the Mercury application from start menu. This causes that two Mercury session are running in "rivalry mode" which causes to many oddities. I needed different days with permanent user claims until I found out what happend. But now I'm trained Big Smile



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