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AW: Re: AW: Re: Control panel when running as a service

  •  12-06-2018, 20:13

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    AW: Re: AW: Re: Control panel when running as a service

    I have it set up so that I have a local user on the server that is automatically logged in using a registry edit and mercury loader is in that users start up folder.  I have always managed that machine using VNC so I can have the user logged in at all times. If the machine reboots for updates then the user is logged back in and mercury starts up again.
    Due to security reasons I don't like automatic logons, especially at a server. The server is our Domain Controller, File server and E-mail server. Anybody could switch-on the monitor and would be already logged-in on the server.

    When starting Mercury as a service, no user has to be logged-in. And when quitting the service and restarting Mercury application with GUI via RDP manually, a user log-in keeps necessary for each subsequent log-in into a running RDP session. Insofar the server keeps protected against unauthorised access.



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