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Moving Pegasus to a "NEW" Computer

  •  12-16-2018, 19:12

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    Moving Pegasus to a "NEW" Computer

    I feel stupid for having to write this but I just cannot seem to get Pegasus to work on a computer that had the HDD reformatted. I've re-installed on new computers before (using instructions I printed from Thomas Stephenson) but I am unsuccessful. He said "simply copy the c:\pmail\pmail directories and then install Pegasus over that on the new computer." Either something got screwed up by 'Geek Squad' when they did the service on my W7 computer or I am just completely lost. Either way I would like to reinstall Pegasus to the newly reformatted HDD. I have the PMM and PMI files that should be intact but what am I doing wrong?

    I downloaded a copy of the latest PMail 4.73 (?) and installed it over the PMAIL directory that exists. If I could just recover my mail address list I'd be happy. Help! If anyone can shed a lot of light on this I would be most appreciative. I am somewhat lost without many of those addresses.  Thanks!


    -- Robert
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