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Re: Moving Pegasus to a "NEW" Computer

  •  12-18-2018, 15:49

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    Re: Moving Pegasus to a "NEW" Computer

    I copied these 3 lines:

     WINPMAIL.EXE directory: C:\PMAIL\Programs
    Home mailbox location: C:\PMAIL\MAIL\Admin
    New mailbox location: C:\PMAIL\MAIL\Admin

    My original intent was (as I was sure I'd done before) to copy my address book and saved mail folders then install the new copy of PMail into that same folder, thereby putting those folders into the new version of Pmail. After saving those folders I would delete Pmail and install the new copy. If that will work, great. Other than simple things I am ashamed at how low my skill level is.

     Can this be done? Which folders (PMM/PMI) would be the one(s) containing my addresses which is most important. Sorry for being so slow....  And thank you for your time and patience.

    -- Robert
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