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Re: Moving Pegasus to a "NEW" Computer

  •  12-21-2018, 16:58

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    Re: Moving Pegasus to a "NEW" Computer

    This is Thomas's advice:

    You mail is located in c:\pmail\mail and it's all of the files and
    folders you need.  The c:\pmail\new version should be just the program
    files and I really did'nt think it should be 9 MB.

    That said, folders are PMM/PMI file pairs and you could in fact simply
    copy the the c:\pmail\mail directories and then install the program to
    the c:\pmail directory on the new system.

    Where the files  came from I don't remember as it was many years ago.

    I checked my PMAIL backups on the external drive and they DO contain a PMAIL\ADMIN\ADMIN file. My backups  go back as far as August as they were setup to automatically backup PMAIL and 'documents' every week. Is that usable?

    -- Robert
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