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AW: Re: "From:" / "To:" entries in copy-to-self folder

  •  01-04-2019, 8:41

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    AW: Re: "From:" / "To:" entries in copy-to-self folder

    Brian Fluet:
    Too much, IMHO, but I'm not having to deal with Thunderbird and Roundcube. :-)

    But what about your streetworkers using their iPhones to connect to Mercury via IMAP? They should use also alternative mail clients other than Pmail, isn't it?


    I found only the opportunity to subsequently change the message properties (right click on such message) within Pmail. When activating the checkbox "is a copy-to-self" Pmail is adding a "To:" in front of the sender's address within column "From" but don't change the sender (myself) into the recipient's address Sad

    I miss an opportunity to make some prearrangements for single folders like a definition of columns. In other mail clients I could choose which columns are being presented (To:, From:, Subject:, etc).

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