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Re: NotSplit V8 available

  •  01-09-2019, 2:50

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    Re: NotSplit V8 available


    I don't know what version of NotSplit I have at the office but I've always copied the NotSplit executable and the target .PMM file to the same directory then ran it.  Are you saying this will no longer work with v7+?

    BTW, thanks for putting the extracted .cnm files in a \notsplit subdirectory (this tidbit was posted on the PMAIL listserv list).  You specifically mention c:\temp\notsplit in that post and not system temp\notsplit.  Please clarify if it's c:\temp\notsplit or %temp%\notsplit.  If c:\temp\notsplit, does c:\temp need to exist first?

    Edit: My tests of NotSplit8 are producing zero byte .cnm files and one file more than the number of messages processed.  Anyone else seeing this? 

    As for my questions above, NotSplit uses the value contained in the registry key that holds the path to the mail directory of the last run instance of Pegasus Mail.  As for the extracted .CNM files, they are located in a \notsplit subdirectory of the system variable "temp".  Default in Win7+ will be C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\notsplit.

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