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Mercury 4.8 Certificate Replacement Woes

  •  01-10-2019, 16:16

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    Mercury 4.8 Certificate Replacement Woes

    I had been using a self-signed security certificate for the past 2 years, realized that it expired (whoops).  I purchased a proper certificate, and set it up on Mercury (replacing the .PEM with the .CRT on the config screen for each module's SSL).  But, mail clients are still reporting the expired certificate! 

    (Thinking maybe it was not liking the format of the third-party certificate...) I tried creating a new self-signed cert using Mercury's built-in tool, but found it wasn't creating the file as it says it was doing!  I thought maybe my install was corrupt or obsolete (I have been upgrading since I first installed Mercury on Windows 98, now on Windows 10), so tried creating a second, clean installation of Mercury in another folder, ran the tool to create a self-signed certificate, but got the same result (says a certificate file was created, but it's not there).

    Anybody else on Windows 10 / Mercury 4.8, tried making self-signed certificate and had it work (that is, produce the desired file)? 

    Any other thoughts on why Mercury would still be distributing the certificate I thought replaced? 

    Can I manually find the text version of the key somewhere to confirm it took?  I tried removing the old certificate from the folder, but it still is distributing the old cert, so I assume it must copy the certificate into the config files somewhere?

    About ready to lose my mind, any insight would be helpful! 

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