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Re: AW: Re: NotSplit V8 available

  •  01-13-2019, 18:55

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    Re: AW: Re: NotSplit V8 available

    Joerg,   Just a quick question,  you mention people with attachments of 30 Mbs in messages.  I don't know how to imbed files of that size inside a Pegasus Mail message. Using clipboard to load the message area is not possible.  My expected way would be to provide a Url that the recipient could access to download such a file. Otherwise, the only way would be to use the standard Add Attachment, which would require the file to be encoded with Base64, which increases the file by 30%, to make it even bigger. That being said I don't know how any ISPs would allow such a transmission. That kind of transmission would more likely use FTP or similar utility. The only other way I know of, is to use the Data: protocol within a IMG html statement, which is intended for small files up to 800 bytes ie: (* <img src="   the last portion of this example (iVB... is Base64 encoded *)

    So I would like an idea of the message structure being used for such huge messages please,.  My utility does not handle such enormous data streams.

    Thank you,


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