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Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: NotSplit V8 available

  •  01-14-2019, 17:35

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    Re: AW: Re: AW: Re: NotSplit V8 available


         Thanks for the clarification. It seems there are two programs involved. The first simply lists the messages by decreasing size, identifying them, so the second program can extract them one by one, leaving a trail marker to tell the reader of the extraction, and where to go to get it.  For example, "Attachment was removed for this message, because of size, and can be found and kept, moved or deleted, when appropriate from c:\pmail\mail\extracted".   In the case of the first program I would like some idea of the triggering size for a message to be reported. Otherwise these could be hundreds, or thousands of messages to ignore on a large list. This program just obtains file names and sizes from the *.PMI index file. The second program works on the matching *.PMM message folder. 

    I have the first listing program just about ready, right now, and will ship it to you shortly

    Comments please ?


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