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Mercury E Connection Error

  •  02-08-2019, 19:20

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    Mercury E Connection Error

    I normally use the SMTP service provided by my ISP to send e-mails but, recently, there has been a problem, as a result of connections from my ISPs SMTP server being blocked when trying to send to Yahoo or Rogers (Canada) addresses.  My ISP is aware of this and is trying to find a solution but this has so far been unsuccessful.  It, therefore occurred to me that, perhaps, I could use Mercury E, the end-to-end SMTP client.  I have tried this, but the test was unsuccessful.  The Mercury E window on the dashboard showed the following:

    Connection error during handshake with

    13.06.53 processing job MO000004

    Resolved MX for "; to

    Connecting to

    Connection error


    The Mercury E log shows much the same information. 

    Any help would be appreciated.


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