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Re: Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)

  •  05-16-2007, 16:15

    Re: Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)

    "amrikr wrote the following post at 05-15-2007 22:25: Under Vista at times Pegasus will stop functioning normally (ie. mail will no longer send/receive) and take up close to 100% CPU, although you can continue reading messages and compose them and add to the queue.  When you quit the application, the pmail process remains and takes up 100% CPU.  Once you end the process in Task Manager, you can re-launch Pegasus and continue as per usual.  Very annoying as this 'bug' has caused my machine to overheat a few times now by keeping the CPU pegged at 100% for so long when it really isn't doing anything."


    Are you using Pegasus Mail 4.41?   Did you try setting it in the properties of the shortcut icon to Windows XP SP2 compatibility code?

    When using 4.41 on earlier builds I had to do that or would see some of what you are describing.  Since I have been using the shipping version of Vista,  I have been working on the current VC Beta code David has supplied the beta team (is rough in other places but stable, far from releasable) that is compiled with Visual C instead of Borland C that 4.41 is built on.   The VC version is faster and doesn't show the CPU Usage problems.  

    Give XP Compatibility mode a try and let us know what you see?   Sadly Vista is a learning experiance for everyone involved.

    Larry Havenstein
    System Engineer
    Dept of Communications
    Kansas State University

    Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32 Beta Team Member.
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