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Pmail 4.41 IMAP strange behaviour

  •  01-21-2008, 18:55

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    Pmail 4.41 IMAP strange behaviour


    I'm using Pegasus Mail since many, many years without any serious problem till now. since 1 year I'm using Pmail 4.41 under Windows Vista 32bits Ultimate. I use Pmail under an admin account even if Vista UAC is active.

    I use both POP3 and IMAP for accessing distinct mboxes with distinct identities.

    Since some months it happens that Pmail, for unclear reasons, hangs while accessing IMAP mboxes (both remote inbox folder and other remote ones); mboxes that since minutes before it was correctly managing.

    I was not able to identify what is the firing event of this behaviour. Sometimes affter disconnecting and reconnecting the remote IMAP mbox, PMail seems to solve the problem, sometimes I'm forced to clear the IMAP folder's caches, sometimes I'm forced to download the remote messages via POP3 in order to reduce the number of messages on the remote mbox (anyway always less than 100!).

    I've also tried to remove an IMAP profile and recreate it from scratch, but it seems not able to solve the problem systematically.

    If I try to log the TCP sessions, it seems PMail is not able to complete the remote folder fetch and close the TCP session (but I'm not sure this happens always!). At the UI level, when on a remote inbox/folder the number of contained messages is not longer displayed, that's the indication PMail is in this strange status. Then I'm forced to kill it and hope the problem is solved restarting PMail.

    Any hints is appreciated. Thanks


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