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Re: Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)

  •  05-17-2007, 23:03

    Re: Pegasus Mail and Vista (quirks and annoyances)


    Has any an idea as to when Pegasus Mail will be ready for the amazing Windows Vista?


    (Perchance this note is not seen by anyone, please advise me immediately ... thanks) 


    Depends on what you define as ready.  Many of us use it now once we tweak the program properties.   Is why I said Annoyances and in fact most of the annoyances are things that may never be fixed as MS considers the behavior a "Feature".    The only real problem I know of is the help feature and David Harris is working on that but has to rewrite his help system.   Dates are not something anyone will give at this time.  Especially since Pegasus Mail does Function but without help. 

    In the FAQ is the steps to reinstall a working Windows Help so the help feature does work.  So it can be fixed by a user, but is not a automatic install.   This same help problem effects tons of programs and is not unique to Pegasus Mail. 


    Larry Havenstein
    System Engineer
    Dept of Communications
    Kansas State University

    Pegasus Mail and Mercury/32 Beta Team Member.
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