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Getting old backups together

  •  05-17-2007, 23:25

    Getting old backups together

    How to put mails from 5 different computers together?

     I used Pegasus since forever. And, whenever I moved, I simply made a backup of my emails and started afresh on a new machine. In years, I got backups from say, "1998-01", and "2004 only" and "2001-2005, without 2004".

    I need single copies of all mail stored in all these backups! 

    There are a lot of folders, a lot of them of the same name, but different sizes and contents, lots of email in "new mail" (*.cnm).

    I wish I could just upload them all into Pegasus and then have a utility that would purge duplicates (triplicates...). Lately, this problem even made me use Webmail as I just dodn't want to have another "One year of Pegasus archive" CD...


    Please think of a Pegasus solution.

    Simple "put backup into mail directory" would of course fail, I tried some renaming but failed (even without the burden of manual renaming), then used Folder converter to try to put it all into Netscape (and load to Thunderbird, purge duplicates and then get it back to Pegasus somehow), BUT, the Mail system converter only converts folders, what do I do with all the pm$ and cnm files?

    Here are some file lists from backups:


    Many, many thanks.

    (to community and to David for going on) 


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