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POP3/IMAP and eDirectory's Universal Passwords

  •  03-18-2008, 18:14

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    POP3/IMAP and eDirectory's Universal Passwords

    I have been using Pegasus/Mercury since the mid 90's at our Non Profit Community Service agency. Since then, we have grown from a hand full of computers to nearly 300, with locations spread out over a 10 county area.  Our remote locations use POP3 (we are changing to IMAP). With the addition of remote access via an SSL/VPN connection I have gone to enforcing complex passwords. I have done this by setting up Universal Password (U.P.) Policies using eDirectory on our Novell Netware 6.5 servers.

    Here is the problem. Any new user account that has U.P. assigned gets a Password failure when they use POP3 or IMAP. Preexisting users who have not changed their password can still use the system. Also, If I create users in a OU container that does not have U.P. assigned, they work also.

    My assumptions are that preexisting users already have their password registered in the NDS password field in edirectory and so they work. New users' passwords are placed in the U.P. field and never get placed in the NDS password field.

    Does anyone know of a way to have Mercury check the U.P. when authenticating a user?

    Bob Detweiler
    ICT Director
    Family Resource Agency, Inc.
    Cleveland, TN (USA)
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