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Re: How long after an MX record is changed will the change take effect?

  •  03-19-2008, 16:32

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    Re: How long after an MX record is changed will the change take effect?

    Greylisting won't help you because the spammers can just dump their mail onto your backup MX which will then happily relay it on to you from both a trusted and persistent (genuine) mailer and address.


    It's unlikely that a UK ISP would neglect to provide an outgoing smarthost (SMTP/submission) server.  But yes, MercuryE is the module that does end-to-end delivery.  If you can do it, it's generally better than depending on someone else's smarthost.  (The reasons for not doing it generally include blocking of dynamic IP addresses as an antispam measure by some unwholesome sysadmins for the case that you're on one and/or portblocking on TCP 25 outbound by your ISP to non-ISP smarthosts [generally a good idea IMHO so long as it's possible for the customer to easily request unblocking].)


    PS: should know its own name!  Right now, it knows its own IP address (set the Internet Name correctly).  The IP address should have a RDNS that points to  (Ask Hiway to fix it for you.)  Then check that IP address using to gage how well you'll do when you begin sending outbound mail.  Finally, add to the local domains you know, as well as [<Your.IP.Addr.ess>] so that and works">postmaster@Paradise works.





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