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Re: Pegaus itself delete mails in folders

  •  03-25-2008, 2:17

    Re: Pegaus itself delete mails in folders

    Bendt Skov:

    My problem is that it often does not load all mails in a folder. When clicking on a folder and choice an email somewhere down there is only ???? in from and to fields. Th eproblem is not every time, but from tim eto time, several times a week.

    A possible reason is that some e-mail message simply do not contain  any information on "From" or "To". I sometimes see that as well. If I do, the messages were sent by spammers using a really poor mass e-mail application: those messages miss a "To:"-line and / or a "From:"-line in the message headers; the "Date:"-header is sometimes missing as well.
    If I have been sent such a message, I can open it in the Message Reader window and look at the raw view of that message (the "source code" of the message) - I see that some important header entries (like "To:", "Date:" or "From:") are missing. Hence, they cannot be displayed.

    Can you open such a message yourself? If you can, can you look at the raw view and find out whether there are the headers entries I have mentioned?

    Another reason may be that the files on your hard disk drive might corrupted.
    I saw that happen after I had switched from my old hard drive disk to a newer one. The old disk was physically damaged; therefore, some files saved on that disk were unaccessible or difficult to read. Copying them from the old drive to the new one did not help.
    Are you sure that your drive is without any problems? You may want to have your disk(s) scanned ("ScanDisk" or other programs may help here.)

    You may also check the consistency of the folders within Pegasus Mail. Right-click on a folder and choose "Check consistency". Pegasus Mail scans that folder and its appropriate files in order to find out whether there are any (logical) problems there.

    Bendt Skov:
    Another thing is that if I click on one folder and fast thereafter on another, like if you choiced the wrong one,

    then the folders mails are gone. Simply the PMM file for this folder are empty!! (Pegasus did delete it)

    The PMI file is there and shows all the mails but the PMM file are gone, or not gone, but do normally only content on email. All others are gone, and they cannot be recovered.

    I guess that it has something with reading to memory to do. I am not a programmer, but if I click a folder and wait a long time to look into the mails it does not happen.

    Can anyone help to solve this problem. I am not the only who has this problem, my friend does as well.

    This is strange. I have used Pegasus Mail for several years now, and I have never seen that happen to me.

    Are you using any anti-virus application? If so, is that application set to real-time scanning of all files? That may be a problem: sometimes, an anti-virus program tries to have acces to a Pegasus Mail at the same time Pegasus Mail itself has access to that file. If that happens, all bets are off what happens. Such a "double access" can result in data loss under certain circumstances.
    In order to prevent that from happening again, you may set your anti-virus program not to scan several Pegasus Mail files. For example, files with the file extension .pmm and .cnm are those not be checked by the anti-virus program.

    Another idea is that you may have set some filtering rules to delete or move some message automatically.
    Depending on your choice, filtering rules can be applied (a) when you open a Folder window or preview a folder, or (b) if you close a Folder window. If you have set your filtering rules to be applied when opening a folder, those filtering rules may delete some messages.

    Just to be sure, you may use "Check consistency" here as well.


    If the problems remain unsolved, just ask again.


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