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Alert: Turn off the flapping wings when using Network install - they create untold volume of packet traffic and network slowness

  •  03-28-2008, 18:10

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    Alert: Turn off the flapping wings when using Network install - they create untold volume of packet traffic and network slowness

    I have determined that the Pegasus Mail horse icon that appears in your system tray (bottom right hand corner with clock on your monitor) creates a huge volume of unnecessary network traffic when set to flap its wings to alert you of new mail. You can use the following instructions to be sure that your system is set to not have the wings flap.

    With Pegasus Mail open:

    1. Click on TOOLS menu button at the top of the Pegasus application window.
    2. Click on Options... at the top of the Tools Menu
    3. Click on Reporting/Logging near the bottom of the left hand column under the "User Interface" section.
    4. Make sure the check box (3rd from the top) for "Animate the icon (flap its wings) when new mail arrives" is NOT checked. If it is, just click on it and it will get unchecked.
    5. Click on the APPLY BUTTON.
    6. Then click OK button.


    • We use only Pegaus Mail (Not Mercury)
    • We used to have the Pegasus installed on each workstation, but switched it to a server install and then pointed individual workstations to the centralized application - this is when the problem began, but it was months before we narrowed it down to this.  We replaced numerous switches, network cables, etc. chasing the network slowness problem.
    • The problem only presents itself when new mail is received and the icon's wings start flapping.  Once new mail folder is cleared or closed then the problem subsides.  It also subsides when Pegasus is closed and in spite of clear anti-virus tests and spyware tests, we were concerned we had a virus, trojan, bot, etc.
    • Some workstations may be more adversely affected than others, I had 4 users who imparticularly created a lot of packets.  The packet counts if you checked the status of their network connection were in the hundred millions rather like like most of our workstations in the tens of thousands or less.
    • Adversely affected workstations experiences intermittent extreme latency in Pegasus application as well as other applications and Windows features.


    • 28 User Novell Netware 6.5 Network with Windows XP workstations.  (we have other sites with similar set-ups; as well as Citrix users who can access our LAN)
    • Multiple automatic 10/100 switches connected in a tree fashion to a primary 10/100/1000 Manageable switch.

    I searched pretty extensively through this forum looking for a previous report of this issue.  I searched under multiple terms and found none that directly related to this.  I would recommend that a warning be added to the Netware installation guidance that pops up when first installing Pegasus.  If anyone has a solution I would appreciate it as numerous users have grown accustom to being alerted to their new mail this way.  I am aware (and use) the "telltale" floating window (my personal preference) as well as a notification sound.

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