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Re: Pegasus Mail error

  •  04-07-2008, 14:32

    Re: Pegasus Mail error


    François Blais:

    Make sure you close Pegasus Mail by using its menu File/Close rather than the system 'X' button in the right corner of the Window. Martin

    What? Pegasus still has that bug?

    I hope this is fixed in 5.0!

    I am not sure whether this really has something to with the problem reported by the thread starter.
    I have several Pegasus Mail user; for testing purposes, I closed every of them by clicking on the X in the right corner of the Pegasus Mail main window. Each time I closed it that way, Pegasus Mail closed normally without any problems.

    Thomas S.'s suggestion concerning the rights sounds useful to me.

    There may be another reason for Pegasus Mail crashing when being closed. If you close Pegasus Mail while a POP3-check is being done, Pegasus Mail is likely to crash (at least, this is what I have experienced). Is Pegasus Mail checking for new messages while your are closing Pegasus Mail?

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