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Re: Alert: Turn off the flapping wings when using Network install - they create untold volume of packet traffic and network slowness

  •  04-08-2008, 20:27

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    Re: Alert: Turn off the flapping wings when using Network install - they create untold volume of packet traffic and network slowness

    Thank you for your questions and interest in this issue.

    As for the notification sound - I point to the user's own C:\WINNT\Media\ringin.wav (or whichever sound they desire).

     We recently installed brand new HP Procurve 2810 10/100/1000 switch.  Upon experiencing network latency (slow responsiveness in Pegasus application and others on same work station) I checked the status page on the Procurve's web interface.  The port for the Netware server and the port for the work station in question were both pegging the chart for "Port Utilization".  I confirmed via the work station's own Local Area Connection Status window that "packet" counts for "Sent" and "Received" were very high (compared to other work stations).  I noticed that the Procurve Status could be triggered to increase by sending a new mail to the work station and waiting for Pegasus to poll for new mail.  Once it dowloaded the new mail and started to advise the user of new mail, both the Procurve status data and the work station's packet count rate of change would increase dramatically.  I then used Tools / Options to turn off different notifications and re-tested the work station.  Finally, I isolated to the flapping wings.

     We do use NDS mode for Pegasus.  Mail directories on located on our primary server for file and print operations (utilization typically 1-2% with spikes to 8-12% on infrequent short occasions).  Using Novell Netware Client 4.91 on most work stations.  We use Pegasus in conjunction with our ISP's Pop3 mail server.  No in house mail management occurs.

    Since turning off the flapping wings packet counts at the work stations have been reduced 90% from 5-6 million to .5-.6 million per 8 hour day.  A possible resolution that one of my user's suggested would be to create an icon that was a different color Pegasus horse and/or background and get Pegasus to utilize that instead of the flapping wing.

    Let me know if you can confirm my experience and/or if you have ideas for a resolution.

    btw - great place of employment you have there!

    Best Regards,

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