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Re: Cannot select multiple files when adding attachments

  •  05-29-2008, 22:36

    Re: Cannot select multiple files when adding attachments


    This is easy to solve, I hope.
    Go to "Tools" | "Options" | "General settings" | "Advanced settings" where you find the option "Allow multiple file selection when adding attachments". Checkmark that option.

    It is disabled by default and was introduced in version 4.41 (as far as I can remember).
    The reason that option was added was a problem with adding several attachments at a time: adding more than one attachment could make Pegasus Mail crash. However, that was not a bug in Pegasus Mail itself, but in the then version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (one of their early 7.x-versions, I think). That version of the Acrobat Reader had a bug concerning the file explorer window (the window you also see when choosing your files to atach). That bug could make other applications crash.

    Read what the help page "Advanced settings" says about this:
    Allow multiple file selection when adding attachments: If you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 on your computer, then there is a high likelihood that your Windows XP system will crash any time any application attempts to present the version of the standard Windows "Open File" dialog that allows multiple files to be selected. This is NOT a bug in Pegasus Mail - it is a bug in another vendor's product that AFFECTS Pegasus Mail. Because we can't have our program crashing unexpectedly on our users when we can avoid it, we have disabled multiple selection of files by default to work around this problem. If your system is not affected by this problem (either because you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed or because Adobe finally get around to fixing the problem), then you can check this control to re-enable multiple file selection when adding attachments. We suggest using this control with care.

    In order to solve the problem you described, you may:
    - enable the option mentioned above in order to be able to add several attachments at a time and
    - install a current version of Adobe Reader, which is the name used nowadays, to fix that bug. One of the 8.x-versions should do. (Of course, you may also do without Adobe Reader completely and install a different PDF-reader.)

    I hope this helps.

    EDIT: Sorry for any doubleposting. The other reply was written while I was writing my answer, so I did not know there already was an aswer to the question.

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